Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's Go "Organize Crazy"!!!

I am forever organizing my home.  I can't help but look at something that can hold
 or contain something else and I say to myself, "Where can I use that in my home?"  
Well, I'm going start sharing what I feel have been my success stories.  


Organization #1

I found this at Ikea for $7.99

This is what it looks like opened.

                   This is what I did with it:  
                                 I organized all my slips, full and half, and by colors.

                                                 I organized all my scarves by color for 
                                        easy season access.

                                                 I organized my skirts by color and design.

                                               This is the flip slip of my skirts.  
                                I only put the skirts that do not wrinkle, 
                                         the ones that travel well.

 I have found this takes up so much less space .  Plus, I put them away much faster than I did when they were on hangers with several other skirts.

This organizing hanger can be used in every room in your home in so many different ways.  Get creative and have fun and GET ORGANIZED!!!!!

Keep checking back for ORGANIZATION #2.

I dare you to challenge me to your organization dilemma.

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