Thursday, October 24, 2013

Almost a Steal!!!

I told you I don't like to pay more than $2 or $3 for a knob, and today I didn't.  I was in the New Hobby Lobby in Anaheim Hills on Santa Ana Canyon Road.  (Where Mervyn's used to be)  I found darling knobs on sale for 1/2 price that I just couldn't pass up.  Than I found one of their "Clearance" sections.  Knobs were about 60%-70% off.  Look how cute they are.  I have several pieces of furniture in my garage just waiting for my inspiration juices to flow and I will match up furniture with knobs!!  Stay tuned!!!

The flower is resin.  The turquoise is blinged, than a colorful one,
a metal and resin, and another colorful one.

The orange one is wood, the two pink one's are blinged-rhinestones.
The other three are just colorful and beautiful.

Four of these are metal knobs.  The other one is a clock face.
Can you believe those prices?!!!  Check back and see if you can spot them on a piece of furniture.
                                   Happy shopping and watch for those "Clearance" shelves!!!

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